Government Wireless Pricing


Government defined as any officially recognized Municipal, State, Local or Federal agency or any bonafied public service or safety agency including Police, Fire, and Rescue services that do not require Primary response service guarantees for their service.



Speed Tiers




Monthly Download Allowance

Wi-Fi Government Services

Monthly (512kb/128kb) $89.95 Unlimited
Monthly (2048kb/384kb) $109.95 50GB
Monthly (1024kb/256kb) $119.95 Unlimited

Yearly (512kb/128kb)



Yearly(2048kb/384kb) *$99.95 50GB
Yearly (1024kb/256kb) *$109.95 Unlimited
Additional Services   Max
Monthly Static IP's $5 per 5

Monthly 128k upload

$10 per

512k Max


*Year Contract Required for lower monthly rate.

P2P, Bittorrant, and ANY other file sharing applications are strictly prohibited.


Installation Options



2.4 GHz



2.4 GHz

0 to 4 Miles

Up to


5.8 GHz



5.8 GHz Short Range

0 to 8 Miles


5.8 GHz Long Range

8 to 14 Miles


  • One Nat IP address
  • One Mac Address Allowed Per Customer
  • 10 mailboxes  
  • Use of PC Anywhere and Timbuktu allowed
  • Mail Servers Only
  • Government locations only


Wireless Equipment is required for service. Customer can provide there own equipment. If own equipment is provided hardware will not be supported by Creative Wireless.

Equipment from Creative Wireless can be purchased at Equipment purchased from the online store will be supported and arrive pre-configured.

Additional IP's can be purchased for $5 a month each.

Additional upload can be purchased for $10 per month per addtional 128k of upload up to a maximum of 512k upload.

For more information about services please download our service contract here.

Check your eligibility request a site survey. This can also be used to order service!



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