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What is Wireless Broadband technology?
Wireless Broadband brings high-speed Internet into your home or business using radio waves instead of a phone line

What equipment is needed?
Residential and Business plans both require a minimum of 1 PC with an existing Ethernet network interface card (NIC) (Not provided by Creative Wireless). Existing home networks or businesses require a router (not provided) to share connection to multiple workstations.

How secure is Wireless Broadband Technology?
Wireless is as secure as the Internet itself. Because important data like credit card numbers are usually encrypted when you order something on the Internet, that same data will travel our network encrypted. And just as it is possible to view data traveling through the Internet, it is possible to view data traveling through the air over our radio links. Wireless Internet is at no greater risk of computer hacking than any other type of Internet connection.

Can weather affect the Wireless Internet signal?
The weather is not a factor in receiving our wireless signal nor does it interfere with other things such as cell phone, cable and satellite systems. However, your speed may decrease by up to 50% during torrential downpours of 6" per hour.
Wireless links are not affected by fog, smog or snow.

How long will it take to install?
Once we have completed a site survey to pre-approve your site for wireless, the installation is usually completed within
5 working days. The actual on-site installation time can vary from 1 to 4 hours.

Can I run a server on your system?
No, Servers of any kind are not allowed.

Do we use static or dynamic Ip’s?
We use NAT IP's and public ones on request for $5 more per month / per IP.

How many E-mail accounts do I get?
We give you up to 10 E-mails per account.

What will my E-mail address look like?
johndoe@creativewireless.net or johndoe@tvwireless.net

Who manages the deployment of Internet access on the property?
All aspects of installation are managed by Creative Wireless.

Must the property be rewired to offer high-speed Internet access?
Very minimal wiring is necessary to install a Creative Wireless wireless system.

Who owns the equipment and is responsible for upgrading it?
Most equipment is the property of Creative Wireless, and all upgrades and service requirements are the responsibility of Creative Wireless.

Does Creative Wireless monitor the network and equipment?
Yes. The system and equipment are monitored by Creative Wireless technical staff 24/7/365
Who is responsible for technical support?
Creative Wireless for Internet access support Mon-Fri 9:00am to 6:00pm Mon – Fri.


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